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Found Dead!, Education Amazing Abandoned Places Horace Mann Ghost Town Adventure


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Found Dead! Your Education, Amazing Abandoned Places Ghost Town Adventures. Part 7. of Horace Mann Highschool In Gary, Indiana.. Near Chicago. Designed by Architect William Ittner. Famous for influencing School Design Beginning in the Early 1900's and Beyond. Many schools across the country and in my home City St. Louis, MO. Were designed by this master architect.
Horace Mann Highschool is one of the largest most interesting schools we've explored. Make sure you see the other parts of this video. Giant Swimming Pools, Band rooms full of instruments were found. Gary Indiana is an Urbex Gem, it is known as America's largest ghost town and is full of interesting and historic buildings just waiting to be explored. Near Chicago Illinois This abandoned city has some of the best Urban Exploring in the country! Everything is Left behind this Highschool is absolutely full of stuff. Frozen in time and left to decay. Come along on our trip through this urban jungle. Plenty of adventure awaits. Revisit ghosts of the past and witness haunted apparations of those who once walked these sidewalks and halls pass before your very eyes. Exploring at it's best!
One of a kind find. Subscribe for more exploration from the hood! Urban Exploration in creepy abandoned places! Scary encounters, always the possibility of evp and ghost activity. Do you believe haunted places exist? Overgrown entangled scary abandoned buildings abound! Some of the scariest most shocking videos are made while we explore places that have long been abandoned. Many of these places are near me. Sometimes we travel. Stay tuned we are always uploading

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