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Climate Change | Educational Video for Kids


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Hello friends, we're very happy to present the first episode of our series "Children can make a WORLD of difference" in which our planet Earth will tell us some worrying things about Climate Change and how our everyday actions can help her alleviate this situation.

Hello, do you know who I am? I am the Earth, yes this very planet and I would like to talk to you about a couple of things which worry me and should upset you, too.

If you were to join me in an elevator, do you know what I would tell you? That I am hot, very very hot. This is because of Climate Change, which is something that human beings have a big responsibility for.

Every time you turn on the light, the computer, the microwave o even shower, you are consuming energy. This energy is produced, largely, by burning gases, coal, or petroleum, which are known as fossil fuels. When burning them you are sending off tons and tons and tons of gases into my atmosphere. These gases remain in the atmosphere forming a type of roof which withholds heat. This is called the “greenhouse effect” because a Greenhouses is where one can cultivate plants, and the roof does not allow heat to escape, and I am getting hotter and hotter.

¿Do you want to know how you can help me change this situation? Go to Happy Learning's website and watch the whole video.
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