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CATEX News for April 10th 2017: 45 killed in ISIS attacks in Egypt.


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A unique glimpse at breaking news.
1. Report that Russian hacker involved in US election arrested in Spain
2. 45 killed in ISIS attacks in Egypt
3. Chinese insurance regulator under investigation
4. UK investigates Barclays Bank chief
5. Severe weather alert in Victoria, AU
6. Delta Airlines will attempt a normal operating day today
7. Beijing offers citizens cash to turn in foreign spies

About CATEX News
Alternative world and financial news for the risk industry; encompasses coverage of real time events likely to lead to eventual insurance and reinsurance claims. Interviews with newsmakers. News of potential claim events for the insurance and reinsurance industry including updates on wars, catastrophes, plane crashes, ship sinkings, earthquakes, profit warnings, product recalls, hurricanes, tsunamis and any natural or manmade event having an impact on insured risks worldwide.
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