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Adhikar {HD} - Rajesh Khanna | Tina Munim | Bindu | Raza Murad | Tanuja | Danny | Zarina Wahab


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"Vishal and Jyoti fall in love and in spite of oppositions from both the couple's sides they get married. After marriage, they settle down to some wedded bliss, but soon misunderstandings start to create problems. These problems persist even when Jyoti gives birth to healthy baby boy, Lucky. Will Jyoti and Vishal patch up their differences in the interest of their son? Will they understand each other? Watch the full movie to know more.

YOR - 1986
Star Cast - Rajesh Khanna, Tina Munim, Bindu, Raza Murad, Zarina Wahab , Tanuja, Danny
Director – Vijay Sadanah
Producer - Jawaharlal Bafna, Vasant Doshi
Cinematographer – Kamalakar Rao
Music Director – Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist – Indivar
Story/ Screenplay – Vijay Kaul
Dialogues – Kulwant Jani
Editor – Prakash Dave
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