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here is the weekly update for the most viewed kpop groups music videos (views are not combined) this is just for 2017! hope you enjoy follow me on twitter : kpop DANCE ...

Byron Gomes 40 views

H.E.R. - Every Kind Of Way [REACTION] 0    0

Road to 100k!!! Subscribe to our personal channels, link below!!! K3ntorey Alan Love

Byron Gomes 96 views

EXO 엑소 '超音力 (Power)' MV 0    0

EXO's 4th Album Repackage "THE WAR: The Power of Music" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music: KOR Ver. : http://sma...

Byron Gomes 37 views

Rain (Bi) - Rainism (English Version) Music Video 0    0

I put the English version of Rainism on the regular Korean Music Video. Funny thing is most of the lips match up. Anyway, there is one part in Korean because that was an extra part of the song added t...

Byron Gomes 144 views

Jay Park: K-Pop Fans Won't Like My English Music (hellokpop ... 0    0

Subscribe: Jay Park talks to hellokpop about why he thinks a love life will distract him from his career and why his K-Pop fans won't like his English music. Jay Park is curren...

Byron Gomes 108 views

TOGETHER - SleeQ, Tiz Zaqyah, Zain Saidin (Oh My English Mus... 0    0

Langgan YT Oh My English, Check out the brand-new music video for Oh My English! - Together! The song features SleeQ, Tiz Zaqyah and Zain Saidin, and the music video stars the ca...

Byron Gomes 29 views

Korea opens center to support trade, investment with Iran 0    0

이란 교역,투자 지원 센터 개소 Korea has opened a center in downtown Seoul to support trade and investment with Iran... as the country emerges from sanctions and international isolation. Of...

Mr. Meaww 34 views

New initiatives will focus on jobs, income and innovation: F... 0    0

다음주 경제정책방향 발표, 패러다임 변화 시도하겟다 The government's new economic policies will aim to spark a "paradigm shift" in the South Korean economy,......

Mr. Meaww 34 views

Three Americans win Nobel Prize for physics for discovery of... 0    0

노벨물리학상,'중력파' 킵손•라이너 바이스 등 3명 공동수상 The Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to three American scientists for the discovery of gravitational waves......

Byron Gomes 27 views

Asia Security Summit wraps up in Singapore 0    0

아시아안보회의 폐막...'북핵, 모두가 직면한 위협' One of Asia's biggest security conferences was held in Singapore. Topping the agenda was none other than North Korea's missile and n...

Ricky Sharma 59 views

[4K]170520 블랙핑크(BLACKPINK) 붐바야(BOOMBAYAH) 직... 0    0

영상 불펌 금지,모든 형식의 재가공 금지,임의로 영상 저장 후 재업로드 절대 금지!!! ex)페이스북 등 퍼가실때 유튜브 공유 기능 외엔 절대 금지입니다....

Ricky Sharma 124 views

BLACKPINK - PLAYING WITH FIRE (불장난) ☆Dance Cover☆ 0    0

Blackpink is back¡¡ I fell in love with Playing with Fire, I mean like they can't get any better....whistle and boombayah was BOOMB and now this? lol plus props to their choreographer for creating ...

Ricky Sharma 59 views


BLACKPINK x DEKSORKRAO PLAYING WITH FIRE (불장난) YG Entertainment Inc. เด็กไทยวัยประถมคัฟเวอร์เอ็มวีเพลง Playing With Fire ขอ...

Ricky Sharma 152 views


Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: https://lamontrealaise...

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